First Laser Tag tournament in Bulgaria

Our team works on the first Bulgarian Laser Tag tournament. We found great industrial location on more than 16000 sq. meters. The guns look and feel like real you have to think about the military tactics to win.

We have build special shelters thought the course so you can cover, run and hit the targets as real as possible.

There will be fast food truck, music, live video feed, a lot of adrenalin and team spirit. You can check out the website for more info.

Event App Event App

Why every Event organiser needs its own Event App?

So now we live in the digital era. All around us there are smart devices – phones, tablets, TVs and many more. According to the latest researches 90% of the americans have cell phone, 58% have  smartphone or/and some kind of smart device. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t create your own application (or just app) for your special event. As an event organizer there are many advantages of doing that and here are some bullet proof reasons why:

  • You can interact in real time with the audience – Not far ago there was only e-mail to engage. Now you have push notifications. No matter before, during or past the event. You have real time option for poking your audience. You can just remind your attendees for the event a day before, the types of transport to the venue, or just to wellcome them because are now at your event.  Plus attendees can update the app if there are some changes in the venue, lecteurs or other stuff that you can’t change on printed materials . (more…)