SEO conference 2014 recap

Every year the bulgarian SEO guild gathers around to meet on the SEO conference. This year’s edition was held on 04.04.2014 (a lot fours, right ūüôā ) in Inter Expo Center. Organizer again was SEOM. You can see the atmosphere that we saw thru our camera.

Ovanes and Simona Ovanes and Simona

Eventex Conference recap

It was pleasure¬†for us to meet the event branch in Bulgaria in one place.¬†Extra was that we’ve heard interesting tips and tricks from worldwide TOP event managers thanks to the speakers that were invited to speak and share skills and know-how.

We thank the Web and Events team for the interesting and inspiring day at the Eventex Conference. You can see small part of the pictures we took to so that you can feel the atmosphere. And a little further in the post you can read some interesting facts about the event environment and event planning:

Stefania Conti Vecchifounder and CEO of EVENTagist told us that the time and place no longer exist. She demonstrated real time live video conference¬†with one of her colleagues back in the UK. Now days we can afford to have online streaming of the event, two way communication with the participants in the live video streaming therefore bigger audience and more cash. (more…)