If you are going to organize a corporate event, you can do it yourself or have it done by experts. For what reasons would you rent an event agency? What are the event agency advantages? The choice depends on many factors.

Together with your colleagues, you will probably also go a long way in organizing other events. But is a large event planned? Can you use some extra creativity or do you lack the time? Then it can be a big advantage to get help from a professional.

The benefits of an event management agency:

You call in an event agency for three reasons:

  • Expertise and experience in organizing;
  • Creativity in concepts/trends;
  • Relief in time/work.

Organizing a good event is often underestimated. The creation of a creative concept, the amount of time (it is always more than you thought before, let alone what the management thought …) and the considerable interests are frequently heard interests why you can consider an event agency. You can also shift responsibilities.

Organizing events = a special expertise

Organizing events is specialized work. We are not talking about the annual bowling outing, but a corporate event where the interests are great. An internal event for employees, a large anniversary party, an open day or a marketing campaign through an event. We compare it to cooking: everyone can make food, but when you invite your best customers you want something special on the table. Not your own secretary, but a team of chefs (with the right know-how and expertise) ensure this.

Organize a successful event = experience!

In our opinion, you cannot emphasize enough the importance of “experience”. Some people take a seat on an “organization committee” because they “seem nice”. Ask yourself: if these people organize a staff party once a year, then we hope that after 10 years they will know the most “do’s and don’ts”. When an event agency organizes 50 to 100 corporate events per year, they draw on much more experience. This experience gives you a big advantage when you want to organize something unique once. Experience is not a must, but an unconditional factor!

Creativity in concepts and trends

At a time when your guests expect the maximum, good organization alone is not enough. It is also about what you organize. What does your program look like? What surprising elements does it contain? At which unique location? For such important events, it is important to know the event agency services offer in the market. It is precisely those elements that make the difference between 7 and 9. That means that you must constantly be aware of surprising concepts, high-quality entertainment, special locations, surprising catering, original invitations and more. In areas where you do not have this knowledge, you can, of course, engage an event agency that often chops with this ax.

5 advantages of hiring an event agency

1. Experience

Anyone who has ever organized a meeting will confirm that there is a lot involved with the organization. An event agency or event planner knows how important it is that all individual elements are connected to each other and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Not only in the run-up to the event but also on the day itself. The advantage? You can focus on those present!

2. Inspiration

Do you want something a little different than usual? A good event planner is aware of the latest trends. This is how you set up a high-quality event that is completely in line with this time. They know the most special locations. Moreover, they undoubtedly have a few creative ideas that you never came up with yourself. Because they are busy with organizing events on a daily basis, they know best how to make an event impact!

3. Time versus costs

Of course, there is a price tag on hiring an external party. However, deploying their own employees also costs money: they have less time to focus on their daily tasks. Thanks to their experience and network, an event agency works efficiently (and thus saves money and time). A cost estimate in advance will not cause you any surprises.

4. Network

What is the most suitable location for your event? Who is the best catering partner? Who do you hire as a speaker? It is not surprising at all if you do not see the forest for the trees while organizing an event. An experienced event partner has an extensive network with the best partners. They know the right parties for the best price and in this way take a lot of work off your hands.

5. Objective view

Nobody knows your company as well as you and your colleagues or employees. However, this also means that you are not objective. An external event organizer can serve as a sparring partner, but you can also point out your strong and distinctive points. These can play an important role in the program during your event.

Different event organizations is happy to act as a sparring partner and have a wide network of partner locations to make your event unforgettable.

Make for yourself a checklist of all things that need to be organized: from concept, budget, decoration, furniture, invitation, hostesses, catering, security, permit, speakers, entertainment, technology, etc etc. It is often a whole list, for which you have to make choices. Which parts can you provide yourself? Do you have the right knowledge and know-how? Do you know the right suppliers or have you been handed over to Google? Do you also have the time to organize the event yourself? Organizing a corporate event always takes more time than you think and certainly more time than your manager thinks.

Cover image: Teemu Paananen.