Catering for eyes and tastes

Three course meals

  • You want your guests to taste something memorable, good looking and made with precision. It has to be combined with the theme of the event. Our cooks can prepare meal for every time of the day.

Coffee breaks

  • You imagine what can do a little coffee in the morning or early afternoon. We can add delicious cookies to the aroma and taste of the coffee. Fortune cookies, sweet rolls, biscuits and so on. Do you want black tea from India or aroma explosion of fruits to cuddle your visitors palate?

Ice-cream deliciousness cooked live

  • So we work with one of the most famous bakers in Europe. He has a little secret and it melts in your mouths. Everyone likes ice-cream and he can prepare it in front of the crowd using liquid Nitrogen. Gave your audience culinary show that can’t be seen elsewhere.

Anniversary cakes

  • Let’s celebrate! The cake is one of most famous and delicious ways to draw visitors. No matter 50, 100, 200 different pieces of cake had to be make – we can cover this. And you will be surprised with the quality and looks.

Catering staff

  • Bartenders, waiters, cooks – you name it. Highly valued, well skilled and trained staff can fulfil even the most sophisticated wishes.

Catering tables and bars and appliances

  • For cocktails, business lunches or coffee breaks – add some nice touch to the event vibes.

We can help you providing all these awesome stuff and more, just tell us what do you want to taste or serve and enjoy the event.