Entertainment and show

Bands and singers

Your event can be spiced up with live music. Performers can sing your favourite songs. Good vibes and live music performance are always welcomed from the guests.

Ballets and dancers

Dancers can be good add-on to the live music. They can perform on stage or between your guests in the rhythm of the music and event theme.

Magic show

Surprise your audience with magic tricks from great magicians. See the joy of fairy tales, magic tricks and personalised stories.

Pole dance show

This show is for the midnight hours when you want to light up the heat. You can enjoy the beautiful movement of the bodies around the pole.

Nitro ice cream and Teppanyaki show

Desserts are great end point for every food gathering. Our chefs can prepare ice cream with liquid Nitrogen. Or they can make Nitro Teppanyaki-ice lollipops in front of the audience. Or maybe you will pop some Dragon popcorns with lots of smoke? Yes we can make this final show for your event.


Team Buildings need games to be fun. We can get you many different options to occupy your guests. They will bring a lot of smiles, joy and funny moments to your overall experience.

We can hook you up with these awesome services. You just enjoy your event

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