Event videography

Video production

So picture worth 1000 words. What a video can say then? Video recaps, interviews, testimonials and many more. We can build your own News corner so you can have online coverage of the event.

Picture in picture

When you use large venues – the last seated will not be able to see the keynote speakers clear. Here in hand comes the picture in picture production. Operator will follow the speaker in every corner of the stage in close up so everyone can enjoy the great talk.

Live streaming

Hybrid events gain more traction in the event industry. Our skilled team can stream simultaneously in different social media with live video mixing and quality sound. It’s a chance to reach bigger audience that can’t come to your venue. Or if you are limited by the maximum capacity of the venue this is great way to keep the attendance big.


Sometimes you need to record your sessions so you can watch them later on or to sell the records and make extra profit. Our team will record, post-process and distribute your next video.


Your event was a success! Now you have to spread the word how awesome it was. And what a better way than using video. We can got you covered.

VR, AR, 360 video

Technology is making it’s way to consumer electronics. More and more people have Virtual Reality sets and can play video games or experience immersive 360 videos live from your events. Grab the advantage by the technologies available now.

We can hook you up with these awesome services. You just enjoy your event

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