Event hosts, hostesses and staff

Do you need someone to welcome your guests?

One charming smile with an generous wish can make your guests feel very special. And that’s the way it supposed to be.

Do you need someone who can guide your guests to their seats?

You can have 20, 30, 500 guests. They probably don’t know where are their seats. Relax – we can take them to their seats nice an quiet.

Do you need to check-in your guests ?

Almost in every event you have check-in your guests especially when there is a fee or some kind of tax for participation in your event. We can provide you electronic check-in system with barcodes, or fast check-in tips, or just the right and skilled people to do this work instead of you.

Do you need on or off stage support?

Sometimes it’s hard to develop the stage, to manage all the staff, to do all the labour for the event. Our angels are ready to support you in every level.

Or you just need some one smiling and entertaining your guests in the pauses or in the coffee breaks?

When there is someone to answer guest questions, they are happy and feel cared about.

We can help you providing all these hostess and staff professionals who can take care for your guests so you cloud sit and enjoy the event

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