When you buy a drill , you don’t want a drill. You want a hole.

Grant is among the top salespeople in the UK and the best consultants and speakers, who participate in conferences and events around the world.

“People want value.”

Anyone can read the basic information about your company and your products online. So when you’re meeting with a client it makes no sense to tell them all these things. It makes no sense to talk about prices either. During the business meeting you should give them the value, something extra, something that no one else can give them.


“A man who doesn’t smile, must not do business”

In sales everyone has to get along with everyone. However, no one will buy anything from you just because they you. People buy stuff they need. In business, people have to like you, but friendships are a definite no.


“The customer is not the king  and you are not the servant “

Respect is the key to success in sales. Successful people want to work with equals. However, everything you do has to satisfy the customer.

“Every purchase is triggered by a personal need”

Nobody wakes up in the morning with the decision to buy a new car. You buy a new car when you need a new car – maybe you had a child or you might want to start traveling. There is always a personal need.


“The service is made for you, but the experience is made WITH you”

We want to be part of something, we want to have a voice. Social networks have taught us to be active. Everyone can share everything. Everyone with a smartphone is a journalist.


“Competition is not your biggest enemy. Being passive is”

In sales the both parties must be action in order to have success. If the seller is passive, everything collapses. If the buyer is passive – same thing. People like to postpone decision-making until the end, but when they decide they want everything immediately. We must be ready.

“Context changes everything”

People who sell must comply with the context in which the consumer buys.

“Sales is a contact sport”

We go where people are, and people are on the social networks. Daily contacts are often overlooked, despite being crucial when customers decide.