Photography and video to be memorable


  • Now days the social media is blooming. You have to show your kick ass event by stories and pictures. Our photographers are skilled and well trained to capture the most of the event.

Video production

  • So picture worth 1000 words. What a video can say then? Video recaps, interviews, testimonials and many more. We can build even news corner so you can have online coverage of the event.

Drone photography

  • Drones are interesting and more and more recognisable. Our flight pilots are skilled to capture interesting points of view in awesome 4K resolution. No mater video or photo the look from the sky is breath taking. And it’s more common to see the crowd from above.

Photo corners

  • Add some value to your sponsors packages by positioning their logo on the photo wall. It is a nice way to say thank you. Besides everybody want to snap pictures on the red carpet. Yes we can add and this to your event.

We can help you providing all these awesome pictures and videos that you need to shine. Just tell us what do you need and the event.