SEO gets back to Bulgaria

SEO Conference was organized in Bulgaria by one of the most influential people in the space in early 2009. A few years later the conference was rebranded and handed over to other organizers. Since then the Bulgarian community was left without its niche event. Not anymore. Our clients from Serpact decided that 2022 was the year that the conference will be brought back to Bulgaria. And our job was to consult them on key points in big events management. Also, our team was on set filming and providing A/V assistance for the multimedia, rhythm, and time management.

Together with the EventsBakery team, we organized a specialized conference in an extremely short time. Lyubo and the team did a great job - with almost 24/7 support, excellent and timely communication and ideas to improve all aspects of the event!

SERP Conf 2022
Nikola Minkov
CEO, Serpact Ltd.

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Serpact ltd.





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