Social media and branding

Social media strategy

  • You can be on every one social media, but you know that this is time and money consuming. We can build your social media strategy so you can get to the wright audience, exact customers and fans. Short term or long term strategies work for different types of situations, our social media muffins can cook for you the best recipes for success.


  • Your brand is new and unaware? We can drive customers to talk for you. To share your story, name and experience. Or we can build it from scratch. Colour schemes, brand mission and vision, brand books and many more. Just tell us how do you want to be remembered.

Viral marketing

  • One small ice ball can turn in big snow ball. We can keep it going. From the beginning to the end we can conclude viral strategies for brand activation and recognition.

Facebook Ads, Google AdWords

  • Campaigns in social medias and search engines are one of the most common type of advertising. Tell us how much can you spend and we can deliver strategy, creative and execution for the campaigns.

Video content marketing

  • Videos, vines, snapchats – they all can be part of your social media strategy. 70% of the internet traffic is video now. Why not to ride this wave? We can produce high quality video content for you. Short clips, testimonials, drone footage and many more.

Social media walls and audience engagement

  • You want to show titter wall, hash tag ( # ) walls or social media feed. Or you just want to pull real time polls and questions from the audience? We can help you to achieve this trough mobile apps, online apps and sites and so on. You can project live social media feeds on the big screens and so on.

We can help you providing all these awesome stuff and more, just tell us what do you want to taste or serve and enjoy the event.