Invest in Bulgaria

Did you know that the earliest signs of homo sapiens in Europe lay in Bacho Kiro cave near town of Dryanovo in Bulgaria? Did you know that the oldest handcrafted gold in the world also origins from Bulgaria? Yes, we Bulgarians have great cultural heritage, but that’s not all. Here you can find great, motivated […]

First Laser Tag tournament in Bulgaria

Our team works on the first Bulgarian Laser Tag tournament. We found great industrial location on more than 16000 sq. meters. The guns look and feel like real you have to think about the military tactics to win. We have build special shelters thought the course so you can cover, run and hit the targets […]

SEO conference 2014 recap

Every year the bulgarian SEO guild gathers around to meet on the SEO conference. This year’s edition was held on 04.04.2014 (a lot fours, right 🙂 ) in Inter Expo Center. Organizer again was SEOM. You can see the atmosphere that we saw thru our camera.

King of Sales with Grant Leboff

King of Sales with Grant Leboff  Grant is among the top salespeople in the UK and the best consultants and speakers, who participate in conferences and events around the world. “People want value.” Anyone can read the basic information about your company and your products online. So when you’re meeting with a client it makes […]