It was pleasure for us to meet the event branch in Bulgaria in one place. Extra was that we’ve heard interesting tips and tricks from worldwide TOP event managers thanks to the speakers that were invited to speak and share skills and know-how.


We thank the Web and Events team for the interesting and inspiring day at the Eventex Conference. You can see small part of the pictures we took to so that you can feel the atmosphere. And a little further in the post you can read some interesting facts about the event environment and event planning:

Stefania Conti Vecchifounder and CEO of EVENTagist told us that the time and place no longer exist. She demonstrated real time live video conference with one of her colleagues back in the UK. Now days we can afford to have online streaming of the event, two way communication with the participants in the live video streaming therefore bigger audience and more cash.


You can make interesting voting or interacting with the visitors in new ways. Multiple mobile devices can be used as a mediator and interacting  console. In this way your audiences mind will be occupied and not distracted.


Using online tools for ticketing and check-in is essential in our modern days. It saves time, confusions and additional operational time. Your team can get advantage from this and аccomplish some other duties.


Rob Davidson –  Senior Lecturer in Events Management at the University of Greenwich was very inspiring giving us the hope that the event eco system is recovering from the last world crisis.

He also share with us that “Generation Y” (as they say) loud be the 75% of the worlds workforce till 2025. Generation Y are demanding people, who are moving away from the values, attitudes and lifestyle influential for those before them (born between 1945 and 1960). They can operate with devices and even multitask them. Their focus time is shorter and they can be bored quickly. They need short, frequent communication with a lot of visual elements.


Bo Krugerowner of Moving Minds gave us the tips and tricks to keep our audience engaged. We’ve passed the small challenge to make very fast tricks with our fingers in special order. Of course few people completed the task in the right order. For the rest of us there was a lot of laugh. Then came the human voting


Magdalina AtanassovaCommunication Manager at AIM Group International started with workout. And it was hilarious. We had to dance like this guy. Next she taught us how to cut the costs by using sustainable practices.

You can use volunteers on site, you can make the event in near by location in a restaurant or coffee shop if you your attendees can fit in. Use reusable badges, go green. Get fresh catering from local supplier. Make online reservations and payments in your site. Therefore you can get the money on time and you can plan ahead calmness further steps in the organization.


Now it’s time for few pics. 🙂


Briefly said – it was pleasure. We’ve managed to make this non pro video so you could see the interesting day we had. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.


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“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”

-Alexandr Glek