Services for you to make your event memorable


Event planning

Our goal is to be part of something great, memorable and awesome. Therefore, we first get to know you, your needs and flavors , expectations and goals and then we work diligently and dedicated to achieve all the objectives that are in our special recipe. We are crazy enough to bake different and unique recipes for our customers regardless of the ingredients that are in their thoughts or the number of people that have to be taken care. We can add the special icing of the cake to your dream event.


Event stage design and Audio visual equipment

We can build unique stage for your special performance. We can shine the lights, light up the monitors and big screen projections so your event can look and feel immersive.


Event rental equipment

We can provide special ingredient to to your event as ambient lighting and staging, flower decoration, exhibition desks and corners, wireless microphones, barcode scanners, monitors and so on.

Event Ticketing & Registration

Our professional team can help you with recipes for huge ticket sales. We use cloud based service for ticketing and you can open it on every device 24/7. Reserved seats ticketing, repeating events and many more. Barcode check-in, promo rules, newsletters and online payment solutions are small part of the advantages.

Event photography

Pictures tell a story. We can combine the best from the event in pictures, videos, testimonials and many more. We will spice up the heat with drone footages so your future guests can imagine how is going to be the next edition of your special event.

Event venue and Location scout

To be successful, one event needs it’s special place to be hosted. In our recipe book there are a lot of places that we can suggest for that purpose. And we can assure you that they are warm, friendly, cozy and full of love, just as we cook. We have open spaces, concert halls, special event halls, hotels, guest houses, clubs and many more to suggest.

Event Social media and Branding

You don’t have to be ninja to have Facebook profile although оur Social muffins can bake for you full social media coverage on Twitter, Facebook, specialized blogs and other social media. We can get you one pinch of our special ingredient for your marketing and pr boost. In that case your event will be glamor.

Live streaming in Social media

What if you can share your great and memorable moments with the world in real time? Well we can help by providing real time video and audio streaming in social media like Facebook or Youtube. Our Social muffins can Liveblog too – so every one can read all about it afterwords. This can be a pinch of digital footprint for your fans and followers.

Web development and event Mobile apps

We can cook for you the web site that is going to blow your guests mind and get your tickets selling. Adding an pinch of mobile app can do the difference from the competition. Push notifications, speakers, agenda and floor maps – hints that will help you to be in your guests pockets. Android or iOS – our developers can build it from scratch.

Transfers and Logistics

We like everything to be fresh. That’s why our logistics is very well developed. We can get your special ingredient from anywhere with personal car and driver. Also we can make little tour downtown with native speaker – just for fun.

Event Catering

Delicious, memorable, filled with love – that are our catering services. Meaningless what do you want – we can bake it. An we provide waiters, bartenders, hostesses, event chefs on stage who can cook live.

Event Hosts and Staff

Yeah, some times extra hands can be handy. Check-in, maintenance, hostesses and event hosts. We can contact you with some great people to anchor your event. They can talk in Bulgarian, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Event Еntertainment

Million smiles – that’s the result of our different entertainment programs. Do you want a private show, or something to get your guests occupied? Dancers, singers, performers – just a few options that you can find in our recipe pages. Everything can be like fairytale and the people will talk about you and your business.

Smells good right?