Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly

Huh!!! What an event, what an experience, what an atmosphere? We were thrilled to be part of the first ever Startup Weekend Plovdiv.

First of all we want to thank everyone of the organisers, coaches, juries and staff members. It was really amazing. 

Day one!

We arrived at the sports hall where the event was held. The venue location was easy to find with a lot space so everyone can do the magic. We helped for the set up and the registration. It was so much fun. After that the organisers took the microphone and gave a start of the event. Everyone were thrilled to present their ideas and to gather as much support as possible for their projects. There was dinner… And a party, and the next morning was a little hard for wake up. 🙂 You can see one little movie here.

Day 2 …

The teams were formed, the ideas brainstormed, the work began. At the middle of the day there was lunch with delicious chicken steaks, fresh vegetables and fruits. We went to the Plovdivs best carting track but we coudn’t race because there were 40 people before us so we went again to the sports hall.

Day 3!!!

Actually all the teams were thrilled to make presentations and to present infront of potential investors. You can see more about the coaches, teams and participants here. After all the big winners were FitSit who gathered traction and a working prototype of the idea. Till the next great event in Plovdiv!