Светът се дигитализира с висока скорост. Данните са все по-дематериализирани, а потребителите са свръхсвързани, свръхинформирани и преди всичко нетърпеливи. Те искат резултатите и съдържанието да са достъпни и да се консумират бързо. Видеозаснемането ви позволява да отговорите на това ново търсене. В известен смисъл, ако не се възползвате от възможностите за видеозаснемане, най-вероятно ще пропуснете много клиенти!

Наблюдаването на поведението и действията на вашата целева аудитория, анализирането на нейното пътуване и предвиждането на действията й е ключът към най-доброто посрещане на техните нужди и привличане на интереса им. Персонализирайте подхода си, присъствайте на всяка точка на контакт, като умножите използванията на вашите видеоклипове и станете най-добрият приятел на вашите потребители, като им предложите индивидуално пътуване.

Видеозаписът на събитието представя корпоративно събитие (търговски изложения, конференции, експертни интервюта и други). Видеозаснемането ви позволява експоненциално да разширите обхвата на вашето събитие до аудитория, която не е имала възможност да влезе в залите.

Видеото трябва да се използва в следните 3 фази: преди събитието, по време на събитието и след него.

Хигиената е един от основните, но новопостъпили приоритети за всяко събитие, събитиен професионалист и клиенти. Концепции, където 1,5 метра е основата? Това също съчетано със социално чувство за предпазливост? Добре дошли във фаза 2 на кризата с Корона: дозирано НА ЖИВО с нови изисквания и ограничения. Как ще направим това? Няколко примера за събития в обществото на 1,5 метра.

1. Videography before the event

In this video, feel free to let your customers know the date, time, and location of your event so that they can attend. You should also give them the option to register directly for the event, for example, via the description of the video or by using annotation in the video.

The goal of this video will be to raise the tension and transmit positive emotions to Internet users! Do not hesitate to show the conviviality and the dynamism of the exchanges between the participants. The interest of this type of video is to show how the event can be unifying and bring people together around a subject.

2. Videography during the event

In times of crisis, it is often said that everything will be different, but maybe, who knows, it may be better and we are only entering a bridging phase. A phase where the current market and the current offer are used to fill a 1.5-meter distance in the event industry. So let’s assume that the event chain as we know it, will organize events as we know them, only then filled indifferently. In that case, locations will, therefore, have to provide a different interpretation. 1.5 meters must be used from the parking, which leads to drastic measures.

3. Post-event videography

So that your event is not forgotten, it is imperative that you publish the videos very quickly on your various social network accounts just after this one. After an event, you will certainly have dozens of videos (or more) to upload to all of your accounts, and very little time to devote to them. Think about your Community Managers, who will waste weeks or even months trying to broadcast everything on all social networks individually. Therefore, invest in a video streaming tool that multiposts all your videos to all your accounts with two clicks. This represents a huge saving of time for them and a lot of energy for you.

We give you an insight into event innovations of the future:

The world is changing rapidly and this is reinforced by the many innovations in technology. It is impossible to imagine the digital events industry without these innovations and developments. Many event managers no longer have a good overview of all the new possibilities. The new possibilities are therefore endless and much has probably not yet been discovered. Researchers published nine predictions about the event innovations of the future. We list all nine for you, including the latest technological upgrades of these innovations in the event industry. Gamification using online tools are also very common for this e-sport days.

More Importantly why other event organizers use it:

Video marketing is becoming increasingly important. People come into contact with film material every day. Just think of YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram …

It is an interesting way to appeal to your customers. Below are some reasons why video marketing is so important.

You can also easily ask your guests extra questions on the registration page of your event, which in turn can add personal value to your event. Once you know what your average visitor likes, you can inform them more specifically and get them excited about the substantive sessions. Make your visitors feel like you’ve done it all for them.

● Mobile users love videos

People are increasingly watching videos on their smartphones. Thanks to (free) WiFi and mobile data that are becoming more and more accessible, smartphone users have numerous options to fill their free time with images.


Youtube claims to increase by more than 100% of mobile views annually. In addition, according to Google, people are more likely to share videos on their smartphones than on their computers.

● SEO boost

Keep in mind that Google also owns Youtube. Videos help your website to be found. You can make a referral via a link in the video description. This gives your potential customer an extra way to get not only on your website but also on other channels such as the Instagram page of your company.

● Support

Complex material can be visualized in a simple way through images. It can of course also serve as extra support. It is easier to get and hold attention with images than with words.

● Popular on social media

The chance that people respond to, share, or like a video is on average ten times greater than with a text message on social media. No wonder Facebook has decided to place ads with all videos on their platform.

● It brings to life

Emoticons in a text message are a way to express feelings to your audience, but a video can offer a whole lot more. Facial expressions, music, and sound effects, a voice with different intonations … These are all ways to arouse emotions in your viewers.


Video is the future of social media marketing, if not already. Several studies show that more than half of the companies use this medium. A figure that is expected to rise as more people see the possibilities of this medium. Research proves that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.



Especially when you consider the potential range, video content is unparalleled. YouTube alone receives a billion visitors every month. This is more than any other channel, except for Facebook. One in three Britons watches at least one online video per week, which is a weekly audience of over 20 million people. Only with the help of video can you access this large audience, no other way of content has the same reach. But then you have to do it right! There are several success stories of companies that use video content as a marketing strategy.